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Brushless DC Motor Parts 48V 350W

Brushless DC Motor Parts 48V 350W
Product Detailed
Anbo intelligent brushless controller mainly adopts efficient and rapid PID program control algorithm and imported chips

Basic Paramater:

1.Voltage Rating 48V

2,Power Rating 350W

3,Low-voltage protection DC 41.5±0.5V

4,Cut-off current 17±1A

Main Functions of Anbo Intelligent Electric Vehicle Controller:

1. EABS SystemIt has reverse charging/automobile EABS brake function, introduces automobile grade EABS antilock technology, achieves EABS brake silence and soft effect, prevents motor from being damaged, solves the noise and motor impact damage caused by reversing field control used by current EABS,, realizes brake comfort the same as common brake, reduces mechanical braking force, mechanical brake pressure and brake noise and greatly improves safety of whole vehicle brake; it feeds energy generated by EABS back to the battery during brake, speed reduction or descent sliding and plays the role of reverse charging, thereby maintaining the battery, prolonging the service life of the battery and improving full charge endurance.

2. 1+1 Assistance (rated power ≤ 350W)The controller gives correspondingly proportional motor power according to magnitude (speed) of pedal force of the rider, provides assistance in driving and makes the rider feel more relaxed. It has intelligent central shaft rotating and optional one-way and two-way types.

3. Idle Running ProtectionIt solves idle running of brushless electric vehicle controller caused by handle or line fault and improves system security.

4. Dynamic Motor Lock SystemWhen the electric vehicle is in alarm state, the controller automatically locks the motor, so that the vehicle stealer cannot push the motor. The controller has hardly any power consumption and doesn’t affect the normal push of the electric vehicle under the condition of battery undervoltage or other abnormal conditions.

5. Motor Shaft Lock ProtectionIt can automatically judge whether the motor is in complete block state, operation state or short-circuit state during overcurrent; if the motor is in operation state during overcurrent, the controller sets the current limiting value as fixed value to maintain the driving capacity of the whole vehicle; if the motor is in pure lock state, the controller controls the current limiting value below 10A after 2 seconds to protect the motor and battery and save electric energy; if the motor is in short-circuit state, the controller controls the output current below 2A to ensure the safety of the controller and the battery.

6. Power Tube ProtectionWhen the controller is in dynamic operation, it monitors working condition of the power tube in real time; once the power tube is damaged, the controller immediately implements protection to prevent arduous vehicle push because of other power tube damage by chain reactions and can greatly reduce the maintenance cost.

7. CruiseJog type,passive, optional automatic cruise and manual cruise; controller enters cruise state after 6 -8 seconds of running at constant speed; the running speed maintains unchanged, requiring no handle control.

8. Self-check ProtectionThe controller conducts real-time self-check to brake crank, rolling handle, EABS system, cruise, Hall, motor and other external interfaces, implements protection when fault appears and automatically recovers after failure recovery. It has self-check and protection functions to itself and can monitor the change of motor armature current and realizes dynamic protection and recovery to power devices, so as to prolong its service life.

9. Speed Limit (rated power ≤ 350W)The limit running speed is controlled within 20km/h; the maximum normal speed can reach about 30km/h (decided by the motor).

10. Remote Control Anti-theftWhen the user presses the remote controller to enter warning mode, the anti-theft controller automatically enters low power consumption mode and cuts off all unnecessary power systems and the singlechip enters dormant state, so that the standby power of the controller only has several milliamperes and the power consumption of the controller is greatly reduced. When the alarm triggered, the controller immediately enters normal operating mode, the high decibel horn tweets for 10 seconds and detects various states of the vehicle; when finding someone pushing the vehicle, the controller outputs reverse current to lock the motor and makes the vehicle cannot be pushed. Manual switching can be adopted to select different motor phase sequences to adapt to various motors.

11. Reverse GearWhen pressing the reverse gear button, the electric vehicle has reverse gear function similar to automobiles. When turning the handle, the controller makes the motor turn reversely to realize reverse running function.

12. Three-gear Speed ChangeIt selects speed in point contact form or by selecting switch grading, similar to automobile manual gear speed change.

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Brushless DC Motor Parts 48V 350W

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